Full Name: Ross Shor Lynch
Birthday: December 29, 1995
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Movie: Romeo And Juliet

He's In A Band Named R5, Its Called R5 Because He's In The Band With His 3 Brothers And Sister And All Their Names Start With "R"

He currently stars in the new Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally.

Ross IS NOT related to Jane Lynch from GLEE.

 He likes any kind of food. He usually eats whatever the waiter says is his or her favorite food.

He plays guitar, piano, bass and drums.

He likes to do parkour and free running.

His favorite candy is Cadbury Easter eggs.

He's been dancing since he was about 5 years old.

He likes to draw and sketch.

He flys model airplanes.

He loves to play ice hockey.


Even when he was a very small child, Ross had that little extra something, that charisma that attracted people to him.  When he was three or four years old, he could often be found in a deep conversation with an adult, usually a complete stranger, that was captivated by his smile and energy and his unique ability to communicate with anyone.

Today, that same attraction has shot him to the forefront of the entertainment industry, where Ross is starring in the new Disney show, "Austin & Ally" airing on Sundays.

Ross also plays rhythm guitar with R5 and has co-written several original songs with the band.

 Ross Lynch With His Band R5 On Top Of A Purple Van!!!

Ross Lynch And His Band R5 =)

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